Friends Movie Night 2016
Family Movie Night - October 1, 2016
6:45pm Hearst Castle Theater
Tickets: Adult $10/Child $5, kids under 5 free

Rise of the Giants follows a group of dedicated and eccentric farmers and their race to grow the world's largest pumpkin - 2,032 pounds!

Cal Poly professor and award-winning documentary filmmaker Daria Matza, coping with grief after the loss of her mother, took a road trip to Utah and met Kyle Fox, enthusiastic member of a local pumpkin growing community. He was so inspired and passionate about his hobby he wound up with a leading role in her film. Getting to know the pumpkin growers whom Matza describes as "people with happiness woven into their souls despite the hardships they face," helped her find her own joy again as she worked with them.

Along the way the film reveals the pumpkin's role in the course of U.S. history, how farming helps incarcerated addicts with their recovery, and how a community of young growers has rediscovered their farming roots.

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Elegant Evening - November 13, 2016

Special guests enjoy a reception on the Main Terrace and a very customized tour. See the holiday decor, hear and share fun Castle stories and enjoy a newsreel in Mr. Hearst's hilltop theater.

$150 for FHC members
$200 for non members
Space is VERY limited.

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August 12, 2016
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August 14, 2016
Family Movie Night
October 1, 2016
Elegant Evening
November 13, 2016
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